Contaminated Valley


Created for the Environmental Protection Agency and the Buearau of Indian Affairs to act for eco-justice. It engaged intergovernmental agencies to act meaningfully and transform the lives of familes and children in the Eastern Coachella Valley of California by shutting down an illegal dump that burned dangerous toxins that contaminated the lives and communities of people.

  • Best Overall, 2006 Palm Springs Student Film Festival
  • Best Graphics, 2006 Palm Springs Student Film Festival
  • 1st Place, 2006 California Environmental
  • President's Environmental Youth Award





H.R. 4437

Best Camera Technique, 2006 Palm Springs Student Film Festival
- Created to support communities seeking comprehensive immigration reform




CONSCIENTIZACAO: Race, Class, Gender & Schooling Inequality in the U.S.

Released December 6, 2006
- Created to support the Coachella Valley USD lawsuit against NCLB
- Created to serve as a pedagogical tool for educational institutions






  • Indianapolis Selection, Campecine 2007


RIFANDO: Tirando Varrio en Nap-Town (Indianapolis, IN)

  • Indianapolis selection, Campecine 2007



Solidarity in Migration

This documentary looks at the shelters that have emerged on the path between Central America and the U.S. The dangers of migration are examined as well as the testimonials of migrants who have suffered to make a life for themselves