WR9 Mastery Essay

Reading George Leonards book Mastery was a refreshing read. His assessment of western living was I believe very true. Our lack of Mastery or want for instant gratification has sent waves not only through our culture but now moving in tidal waves through globalization. I believe Leonard’s call to a return to discipline is a great practice but one that will be harder to achieve as multimedia, quick fix, instant messaging gratification changes the playing field. A very necessary call to focus and practice Leonards theory takes place in my life daily.


A prime example would be the technical skills that I myself as an educator try to pass on to my students. I believe after reading Mastery that I fall into several categories just within the realm of education. I believe before I became a teacher I was most certainly on a path to mastery of digital imaging Skills. I do not think I have the chance to hit a complete plateau or possibly I did just not for any long term. I practiced daily and may have even been considered obsessive at my practice and learning. Creating digital art encompassed my life as a freelance worker.Then came education which although encompasses my skills as a graphic designer which has its own levels of mastery. I then hit a plateau in digital imaging as I focused on and to this day am focusing on education.


I have not given up on attaining skills in the field but there is much practice lost in teaching. It is not a choice I regret but it does make me feel like a dabbler as stated by Leonard a person who is an eternal kid moving from skill to another never fully mastering any. This is a hard aspect of my life to analyze and though at first glance I could put myself in the dabbler category I refuse and hope my love of art and teaching will carry me forward as it has to someday the level of mastery.