The 8TH Habit Essay

Covey’s book The 8th Habit describes in detail what I believe to be the most important of his habits, Finding your voice and sharing it. I believe this is the most important as this is the main goal of my teaching at this point and the message I try to pass on to my students daily. George Carlin in the introduction of his book Brain Droppings has some quotes by famous people I forget but his message I remember clearly “There will never be another person that exists like you…….It is not your responsibility to judge your (message/thoughts)”. In this he sent a life altering shockwave to me that we as Covey puts it to start at the end because we are only here for a short while and need to know what it is we not only want but can do.

I found Coveys book a great affirmation to the work that my students and I put together is on the right path. Too many times Passion is a forgotten variable in education. Not only are students asked or rather demanded but they are to do so non-relevantly. Another one of Coveys great points was in the addition of conscience, which I believe is more often overlooked in institutional educational systems. This is where the teachings of Paolo Freire have taken education. To read the word you must be able to read the world.  I believe these are the two areas this book helped to reexamine in my own teaching. How exactly am I teaching these students not only skills but the ability to think critically, conscientiously, about themselves and the world all this to find their own perspective their own voice. This book has definatley made me also reexamine how I will teach these students to express themselves and what I can do to help buld their voice.

This book was as mentioned before a great affirmation and a reminder of the responsibility of educators everywhere. I very much enjoyed most of the book, all but the managerial business running details. I would like to think I am practicing the 8th habit maybe not by Covey’s terminology but I hope by the time I finish my career as an educator 100s more will also.