F.I.R.M.E. ‘Varriomentary’ Foundational Theories:



Social Learning (Bandura)

Care Analysis (Korth)

Social Construction (Vygotsky, Bearison, Berger and Luckman, Rogoff, Wertsch)

Critical Pedagogy (Duncan-Andrade & Morrell, Noguera)


Multiple Intelligences (Gardner)

White Privilege (Wise)

Creative Writing (Martinez)

Participatory Action Research (Santos, Fals-Borda)

Oral History (Danns)

Radical Hope (Plenty Coups)

Education (Warren)

Crticical Race Law (Brown)

Cooperative Learning (Clements and Nastasi)

Critical Race Theory (Brown)

Risk Beliefs (Hawkins)

Music Composition (Frank)

Participatory Theatre (Valdez)

Critical Media Literacy (McLuhan)

Resiliency (Werner, Smith, Benard, Henderson)

Theory of Communicative Action (Habermas)

Identity (Mead)

THUG LIFE Pedagogy (Duncan-Andrade)

Structuration (Giddens)

Critical Epistemology (Carspecken)

Voice (Gilligan)

Corporatocracy (Perkins)

Liberatory Education (Camagnian)

Resistance and Empowerment (Freire)

Latino Critical Theory(Vargas & Garza)

Arikara REEvolution (kuuNUx teeRIt)